Safe Space


During your night out in Brighton, you might become unwell, upset, distressed or injured. Maybe you lose your friends or are unable to get home. On Friday and Saturday nights, head to Safe Space where non-judgemental staff will make sure you are OK, reconnect you with your mates, and continue your night or get home safely.

If you’ve woken up with a Safe Space wristband, you were supported at Safe Space.

If you were intoxicated or can’t remember what happened, this might have been a one-off binge, but if you’re worried about your alcohol or drug use, there are people you can talk to: 

Under 18? Contact RU-OK on 01273 293966. 
Over 18? Contact Pavilions on 01273 731900.

Click for info about alcohol or drugs.

If you live in Brighton and Hove, you could also contact these services:


So what is Safe Space?

Safe Space is open every Friday and Saturday (11pm to 3.30am) at St Paul’s Church on West Street in central Brighton, supporting residents and tourists of all ages. Trained First Aid professionals offer medical support, and experienced YMCA DownsLink Group staff provide emotional and practical support.

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