About Us

Pavilions provides adult Drug & Alcohol Services for Brighton & Hove. Support is available to anyone concerned about their drug or alcohol use, or for the families & carers supporting those struggling with substance misuse.

Pavilions brings together Cranstoun, Surrey & Borders NHS Partnership Foundation Trust, Equinox, Brighton Oasis Project and Cascade Creative Recovery, a range of partners with proven expertise, creative minds and a shared desire to re-shape drug and alcohol treatment and recovery services for the people of Brighton & Hove.

Pavilions works to make life better for those affected by alcohol and drugs reagrdless of age, gender identity, ethnicity, religious beliefs, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, HIV status or any other factor which makes us unique as individuals. 

It places service users at its heart and recovery as its goal. This commitment, delivered by our skilled and compassionate staff, will make Brighton and Hove a better place to live, learn, work and socialise.

Who is it for?
You have to be over 18, live in Brighton & Hove and need help with issues around alcohol and drugs.

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